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Your contribution makes a difference 

As a standalone nonprofit organization we are completely dependent on the gifts from our sponsors/contributors. We try to help as many children and youths as we can and we are constantly finding new opportunities to be able to help more. We don’t have a big and expensive administration, but we strive to have as low a cost as possible.

Childfriend is financed by gifts from private individuals, schools, churches, companies and associations. All contributions are equally important.

Your contribution is not insignificant. Even though sometimes it feels like a drop in the ocean, all the different drips finally make up the sea. With the help from many, we can give these children a safe upbringing and as good of an education as possible.


"Swish" your gift to:
123 900 42 68

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Send your gift directly to our bank account:
Bankgiro: 900-4268

Card payment

To send your gift via debit- or credit card, chose any of the projects below to find their individual funding options. Then click the "Support" button and enter your information. 

Where it is needed the most


Through Childfriend we have new opportunities to reach more vulnerable children in other parts of Southeast Asia. Thanks to the previous 30 years of running BaanChivitMai-Sweden we have a good foundation to expand our resources and expertise. Over the years we’ve been able to save hundreds of children and youths. We have a vision to expand our work beyond the borders of Thailand. 


The School homes

Baan Chivit Mai

Currently about 80 children are living at our school homes between the ages of 7-20 years. For the majority of the children these homes are their only safe place in live. There they are free to grow up in a safe and warm environment without any risks of being exposed and exploited for slavery, prostitution or social isolation. 



Baan Chivit Mai

We believe education is the best path out of poverty. Therefore it is very important to us that the children who come to us have the opportunity to receive an education and go after the dreams they have for their future.

All our children go to primary school at the schools located in the neighborhood. After primary school most of our kids go to high school. If they want to study further, there are opportunities for vocational schools or universities.