The school home in HuaDoi

The school home works very much like a family, where the managers are the "parents". 

Skolhemmet i HuaDoi

Childfriend’s main project is BaanChivitMai’s school home Huadoi. It is located 7 km east of Chiang Rain in Northern Thailand. About 50 children from the villages in the north live here. The children are between 5-20 years old and they attend preschool, elementary school and high school at the schools in ChiangRai.

If it weren’t for the Huadoi school home the children wouldn’t have the opportunity to get any education since their villages are located too far away from town. Several of the children have lost their parents to AIDS or to long prison sentences due to drug trafficking. The children are left alone with nowhere to go.

These children are in the risk zone of being sold into sex trafficking and exposed to various humiliations, but thanks to our Huadoi home many of these children have been granted a refuge. Here they are brought up in safety, sheltered from being sold to pimps ending up at brothels in the city.