ChildFriend’s statutes

§ 1
The foundation's name shall be the Collection Foundation ChildFriend.

§ 2
The goal of the Foundation is to protect and prevent children according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and based on Christian values. We aim to shelter them from:

sexual assault
or suffering of any form that would affect the life situation of the child.

In order to fulfill the above-mentioned purpose, the foundation itself or by working through the Thai foundation "BaanChivitMai Foundation" or other organizations in Southeast Asia will:

build and manage homes where children can grow up,
contribute to education and / or work for the children,
start and run income-generating activities with the purpose of financing the above-mentioned projects

All collected funds shall be used for the business and expenses associated therewith.

§ 3
The foundation's board shall have its seat in Sweden.

§ 4
The Board shall manage the care and management of the foundation's funds and, where appropriate, other movable and immovable property, and take care of its affairs and interests in accordance with the purpose of the foundation.

§ 5
It is also the responsibility of the board to designate and appoint one or several people who are responsible for working with fundraising activities in Sweden and other countries. These people are responsible to the board.

§ 6
Board of directors shall consist of at least 5 and no more than 9 ordinary members. In addition, substitutes can be appointed as needed.

§ 7
The foundation's fiscal year shall be calendar year.

§ 8
The foundation shall have two auditors, of which at least one shall be authorized or approved.

§ 9
For resolution of the foundation the regulations of the foundation act applies.

*These statutes are governed by the founding regulations, signed by Inge Ekelyck and Roland Edlund, 2014-02-01