In the summer of 2009 a new little girl came in to BaanChivitMai. She was only two and was in a poor condition. Her young mother and father are refugees from Burma and soon after they crossed the border Mai was born at the Chiang Mai hospital. 

The life of a refugee in Thailand is hard.

The father eventually got a job but the mother was very unhappy and after some time she abandoned her little family for another man. The father had to bring his little daughter to the construction site where he worked. The little girl was mistreated and wouldn’t survive there for long so her father’s boss brought her to BaanChivitMai and pleaded for help.

Since this day May has been living with the older girls at BaanChivitMai and during the days she’s attending a local day care.

She has adjusted well thanks to the love and care she’s gotten from her older “siblings” who love her very much. May’s father is struggling and he only came to visit once since she came to BCM. Her mother is doing time in prison, because she didn’t file the paperwork a refugee is obligated to file. The future is very unsure, but May is safe here at BaanChivitMai.