Life Stories

From abandonment
to safety

Read the stories about a few of the hundreds of children who received a new home and a new life.

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The School Homes

Family is our focus. The school is our way of giving children the ability to have a safe place to grow and learn without the risk of being sold as property or ending up in brothels.

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Support our cause

Your donations makes the difference

We are a nonprofit organization. We rely on generous people so we can be generous people. Every bit of your contribution goes directly towards running our operations and administration so we can reach children with different operations and projects.

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About Childfriend

A Swedish foundation with a heart for children in Southeast Asia 

Om Childfriend

ChildFriend is a non-religious and non-political fundraising foundation. Based on the UN:s Convention on the Rights of the Child and on Christian values our purpose is to raise funds to rescue children at risk in South East Asia. The foundation has also admitted the activities previously managed by BaanChivitMai-Sweden, which was responsible for raising funds for an orphanage in Thailand.

Through Childfriend we have new opportunities to reach more vulnerable children in other parts of Southeast Asia. Thanks to the previous 30 years of running BaanChivitMai-Sweden we have a good foundation to expand our resources and expertise. Over the years we’ve been able to save hundreds of children and youths.

Our vision is to expand our work beyond the borders of Thailand. All over Southeast Asia there are children trapped in the sex industry, slavery and various humiliations and they desperately need us to act.

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What we do

Read more about Childfriend’s different projects

The school home in HuaDoi


Currently about 50 children live at the Huadoi home between the ages of 7-20 years. Huadoi is located about 10 km from ChiangRai city center. The BCM's administration and office is also located nearby...

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BaanChivitMai Bakery


Located in central Chiang Rai you’ll find this cafe with Scandinavian touch. Here you can enjoy all kinds of Scandinavian pastries as well as Thai food at its best. The bakery also serves as an information center for BCM's operations/activity/. All surplus go directly to our different homes...

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We believe education is the best path out of poverty. Therefore it is very important to us that the children who come to us have the opportunity to receive an education and go after the dreams they have for their future...

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Latest news

News about Childfriend and our work


Now the Corona virus hit the world and Thailand is non exception

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New children

We constantly get requests about us taking in new children. It is a very difficult task to chose our children, while we wish we could take in all of them we are only able to care for a few.

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The village

On our big farm Huadoi we have built a small village, with two houses, one Akha house and one Lahu house. 

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