We believe education is the best way out of poverty


We believe education is the best path out of poverty. Therefore it is very important to us that the children coming to us will have the opportunity to go through an education and pursue the dreams they have for their future.


All of our children attend primary school located in the neighborhood. After primary school most of our kids continue to high school. If they want to study further, there are opportunities for vocational schools or universities.

The conditions as to being able to continue studying varies widely. Several of our children have grown up under extremely challenging conditions. Very little or no stimulation in the early years affect ones ability to absorb new knowledge later in life. Because of this we are intentional in identifying with their different situations to be able to help them in the best way possible when it comes to educational structure. 

We believe that education is the best way to remove a child, a people group or a whole nation out of poverty. Therefore we are persistent in giving our children the best preparations for them to continuing building their lives. It is very uncommon that children from the mountain villages go through higher education in Thailand. We are very proud to be breaking this trend - several of our older children are studying at universities today.