Children helping children

Initiate a fundraising for the children in need in South East Asia

Children find it hard seeing other children suffer. It is in our nature. In our experience they are all in and whole hearted when they are given a chance to help. 

We have a project we call "Children helping children". Several schools are involved with this and are engaging by fundraising for Childfriend. Students are hosting yard sales, exhibitions and block parties where friends and family are invited to participate. 

The last few years the Alfred Dahlin school in Huskvarna are doing "Operation Dagsverke" in honor of Childfriend and are fundraising for the sake of the children in South East Asia. Every year we visit the 7th graders to inform and encourage them about the difference they are making and every graduation we receive a big check from the students. Most of these funds are going towards education. 

It is evident that people chose to engage with our foundation because of our small organisation and our face to face meetings. They know where their contributions are going towards and they can see the effect of it. 

If this sounds interesting Contact us we would love to tell you more! We also have information materials we can provide you with.