Volunteer for us

Volunteering at BaanChivitMai is an experience you will never forget!

Every once in a while we are hosting volunteers at BannChivitMai in North East of Thailand. Because of the nature of our work we chose our volunteers very carefully. We are expecting our volunteers to be ready to pull up their sleeves and be self-motivated. We recommend our volunteers have one or more friends to come and to this together with.  

Depending on the time of the year and the current situation the needs will vary. To volunteer at BCM is generally about spending time with the children, helping the staff with the chores and responsibilities at the site. It is a big plus if you are creative and can come up with fun things to involve the kids in. When the kids are in school you could also work at the BaanChivitMai cafe in downtown ChiangRai.

Our volunteers need to be at least 20 years old and we would like you to stay one month minimum. Smoking, alcohol or drugs are not allowed - the children will look up to you. 

To apply to be a volunteer you need to send us an application of interest where you tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to volunteer at BaanChivitMai. After processing your application we will let you know if your'e accepted or not. If you are accepted we need 2 referrals and also a copy of your criminal records.  

Volunteering for us is an experience you will never forget. It is 150SEK/day and that includes food and lodging (at BCM). You will be a part of the staff team and naturally will be expected to adapt to the regulations at BCM. The manager on site will be your boss. 

You are paying for your plane tickets, visa, vaccinations and pocket money etc. You can apply for a tourist visa at the Thai Embassy in Stockholm which will let you stay for two months before you need to renew it.

Does this sound like something you'd love to do? Contact us and we will tell you more!