Become a sponsor

Would you like to become a sponsor to Childfriend?

As a standalone nonprofit organization we are completely dependent on the gifts from our sponsors. We don’t have a big and expensive administration, but we strive to have as low a cost as possible.

Childfriend is financed by gifts from private individuals, schools, churches, companies and associations. All contributions are equally important and without all of you we could never be doing our important work. 

Do you want to be a sponsor for Childfriend? Contact us and we will tell you more!

These are some of our sponsors over the years


  • Pingstkyrkan i Huskvarna
  • Barn i Nöd
  • Childhood Foundation
  • PMU InterLife
  • Läkarmissionen
  • Erikshjälpen
  • Thailandproject (by Norwegian students in Australia)
  • Thaid Norway


  • Handelsbankens fadderbarnsfond
  • Moderata kvinnoförbundet
  • Rotary
  • Gengåvan (Skövde)
  • Bäckar små (Uppsala)


  • Kasikorn Bank (Thailand)
  • Roxx Communication Group
  • Hans Wallenstam AB
  • Per Taube, Gelba
  • Key It-Partner AB
  • Sune Wissmar


  • Alfred Dalinskolan in Huskvarna