When Ahnan was five years old his father died in a traffic accident. His mother, left alone with two kids, wasn't able to provide for both of her kids. She came to BCM for help, and asked for Ahnan to stay with us. 

Of course we wanted to help this scattered and vulnerable family. Ahnan had a hard time understanding why his mom had left him and waited day after day on her to come back for him. During the first month we found him, on many different occasions, sitting by the side of the road weeping and hoping for his mom to come get him. 

With time Ahnan has found a way to adapt to his new life and today he is doing good and have found many new friends and Huadoi. His mother, who lives nearby, makes visits every now and then but Ahnan is at a point where he likes it at Huadoi and wants to continue to live there.