About Childfriend

A Swedish foundation with a heart for children at risk in Southeast Asia

Om Childfriend

ChildFriend is a non-religious and non-political fundraising foundation. Based on the UN:s Convention on the Rights of the Child and on Christian values our purpose is to raise funds to rescue children at risk in South East Asia. The foundation was previously responsible for raising funds for an orphanage in Thailand.

Poverty is one of the main reasons why children are suffering in the world. Hunger can drive a person far beyond humane and moral values. In South East Asia there are parents that are willing to sell one of their children to be able to afford food to the rest of the family.

The perspective of having children varies depending on culture. In Sweden we have the mindset that our children are ours for a time to later be released, while in Thailand they are more of a possession. We have met with parents in the north of Thailand who tell us they don’t want their kids and ask if we can get them out of their hands. And their kids are right there listening.

A lot of children in Thailand suffer both mentally and emotionally. Baan Chivit May has during almost 30 years been operating as a lifeline for hundreds of children. We have been able to remove them from unsafe and high risk environments and taken them into one of our homes where they have been provided with love, safety, food and education - things these children would never get to experience if they stayed where they were at.

Some of these children were in the risk zone of getting into prostitution, some are orphans and some were out of prospects/didn’t have the opportunity of attending public school. Thanks to Baan Chivit Mai they have a chance of a good life and solid foundation for the future. Baan Chivit Mai runs an orphanage outside of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. As of today 50 children are staying there all between 6 and 18 years old. Over the years hundreds of youths and children have been rescued. The orphanage is financed mostly by Scandinavian private donors as well as businesses, schools, churches and various organizations.

Through Childfriend we have new opportunities to reach more children in other parts of Southeast Asia. Thanks to the previous 30 years of running BaanChivitMai-Sweden we have a good foundation to expand our resources and expertise. Over the years we’ve been able to save hundreds of children and youths. Our vision is to expand our work beyond the borders of Thailand. All over Southeast Asia there are children trapped in the sex industry, slavery and various of humiliations and they desperately need us to act.

Childfriend is based out of Huskvarna, Sweden.